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On a heavily rainy day,
July 13, 2004, I arrived at the Slovenian Embassy in Helsinki. From there I sent a letter to the Slovenian government asking for support to establish some kind of Slavic cultural union. This would be a union between the Slavic states and all people near the Slavic culture and languages around the world, and also a cultural bridge between the Slavic and all other European and world cultures. 

Something like the already existing cultural languageorganizations, such as: 

CPLP - Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa, Community of Portuguese Language Countries,


OIF - (Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, International Organization of the Francophonie,


LATIN UNION - an international organization of nations that use Romance languages


IFUSCO  International Finno-Ugric Students’ Conference


And so on …..


In my opinion, this kind of union should be supported by the Slavic governments from the start, and I chose the Slovenians. From my time in
Yugoslavia I knew them to be pragmatic and responsible people. Slovenia happens to be the most western of the Slavic states, today it has a high level of democracy and it was the first Slavic state to become a member of the EU. I believed that if the Slovenians supported my idea, then all the other Slavic states would follow, and my Initiative would be understood in the right way, serving the democratic value of today. 

While waiting for the answer, I founded an association named the SLAVIC UNION here in
Finland, with the idea that it would grow to become globally what I had visioned. I also wrote my "First Slavic Proclamation" or "The First Epistle to the Slavs and Others", shortly and simply to advertise and to explain what I meant with this cultural initiative. During that time I got my first supporters. 

In the future I plan to publish a book, some kind of brochure, but before that is going to happen I have decided to put all my ideas on the Internet in the form of a website. In my opinion, the site should be like an open book which is read page by page. I have used a simple technique, but I hope the site will be more complete in the future. Now at least many people can go on the Internet and read the site for themselves. Just like every website, my site - "the open book" - is alive and interactive. So, "You...oh, good reader", you will find on the site my contact info, and if you feel like it, just call or write to me and give your opinions, critiques, etc.

Although the Initiative is cultural, we will need support of the governments of the Slavic states and the international community, otherwise it will remain only an idea.

The future will tell if I was right or not.



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