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The term diaspora (Greek διασπορα, a scattering or sowing of seeds) is used (without capitalization) to refer to any people or ethnic population

forced or induced to leave their traditional ethnic homelands, being dispersed throughout other parts of the world, and the ensuing developments

in their dispersal and culture.


No one can say how many Slavs and Slavic descendants live today out of the Slavic states.


  This page is open for the Slavic Diaspora around the world.. welcome ..




   This call: to write us in english we extend especially to descendants of the Slavic people living around the world..

(Insert from the text of the First Slavic Proclamation)



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  (The insert from the Statute of the Slavic Union)

4. Some of the priorities in the activities of the Slavic Union are: drawing more attention to the Slavic minorities and those Slavic languages or dialects that are not so widely distributed, consolidation of the SLAVIC WORLD DIASPORA, making all the Slavic languages more known to the Slavs themselves and to other language groups in the world.



this is the slavic speaking world and how large is the world slavic diaspora











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that's it - isn't it



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